Tinnitus, in simple terms, is ringing in the ears, or a perception of it. It affects 1 in 5 people but is not actually a condition in itself but a symptom of other condition. It could be an ear injury, hearing loss or a problem in the circulatory system. The problem with tinnitus is the annoyance it brings for it usually does not lead to something very serious. Treating the cause or underlying problem could help, though some choose to reduce the noise or make it less noticeable.

Silence Complete promises to treat the root cause of tinnitus, which is said to be in the brain. As the name implies, the supplement aims users to experience silence and freedom from a persistent problem such as tinnitus. The makers of this product believe that tinnitus is not just an ear problem but also a threatening issue in the brain.

Silence Complete Overview

Silence Complete is an ultra secret anti-tinnitus formula and a product of thorough medical research. The natural pill can be taken by anyone without prescription. Aside from treating tinnitus, it also protects users from other more serious problems such as Parkinson or Alzheimer’s. It is made of natural ingredients that are carefully processed to ensure quality and effectiveness.

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The pill can clear all the noise in the head caused by tinnitus, then it works on the brain networks to make them stronger. This leads to improved memory and repaired brain cells. It claims to protect users from tinnitus and offer the best health for the brain.

Information and Claims of Silence Complete

There’s a story behind Silence Complete. The main man who worked its way into the market is Lloyd Greenfield, a 56-year old medical librarian from Stanford, California. Greenfield himself suffered from tinnitus, which grew more serious to memory problems. He sought help from doctors and did his own research about the condition. He discovered several studies including one that asserts that tinnitus is not just ringing in the ears but a sign of a problem in the brain, that it is an issue in the networks of the brain.

Greenfield worked with a genius ear specialist named Dr. Steven Campbell who revealed he was using a secret protocol that only some people knew about. Dr. Campbell also suffered from tinnitus and Alzheimer’s and he addresses these using the secret protocol. The two decided to recreate it since they knew the formula and let everyone suffering from tinnitus find relief.

It was a difficult feat to finally come up with the supplement they call Silence Complete for they had to source the ingredients and make sure they are top quality.

Their hard work paid off for the natural pill is now the ultimate solution to tinnitus. Silence Complete totally shuts off the noise brought by tinnitus, with an added bonus of protecting the brain from other life threatening disorders.

How Does it Work and Ingredients List

Silence Complete works by first fixing problematic brain networks and calming the nervous system down. This clears the hearing, which means by the first few intake of the pill, you can already see improvements in your condition. Next, patients can regain silence in their head again while the supplement continues to work on the brain networks.

After continued use, Silence Complete boosts memory and continues to repair damaged cells in the brain. Lastly, cell regeneration happens, making thinking clearer and faster. You are also being protected against brain disorders.

Here is the list of ingredients:

  • Hibiscus and hawthorne berry. The first aid duo that acts initially to reduce the persistent noise caused by tinnitus upon first intake.
  • Olive leaves. It helps strengthen brain networks. It also protects patients from stroke and ear infections.
  • Niacin or B3. This essential B-vitamin works on every part of the human body to repair DNA. For the brain, it repairs broken brain cells that help improve memory.
  • Garlic. It also helps boost memory and prevent dementia.
  • Combination of green tea, uva ursi, juniper berry and vitamin C. This combination is responsible for protecting the brain from memory loss, tinnitus and other brain conditions. Uva ursi and juniper berry removes toxins, green tea produces more neural connections and vitamin C is a natural shield against illnesses.

Is Silence Complete a Scam? Does it really work?

Many available reviews about Silence Complete are available online. Many customers attest to how well the product works and how it improved their lives since the annoying problem is gone.

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  • It is made of carefully sourced natural ingredients.
  • It can be taken by anyone without prescription.
  • It works on tinnitus’ underlying cause, making it effective.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It guarantees fast results.


  • It is not available offline.
  • Individual results vary.


How do I use it?
You can just take the pill twice a day, the best time is mornings to nourish the brain early in the day. Take it continuously for 30 days for best results.

Any precautions?
The only word of precaution from the makers themselves is to use it with doctor’s permission if you have allergy in any of the listed ingredients of Silence Complete.

How much time to see improvement?
Improvements can be seen from as early as the first few days of use. This is because the ingredients target the issues fast.

Any Possible Side Effects?

There are no reported side effects by the manufacturers or actual users.

Silence Complete Price and Where to Buy?

Silence Complete costs $69 per bottle of 60, so that provides a month supply of the supplement. It also comes in a package of 3 bottles worth $177 and 6 bottles worth $294. This means you get savings by buying more.

Silence Complete Final Decision

Silence Complete might sound too good to be true at first, but upon seeing the story behind it and the feedback of actual users, it really sparks great interest. Like any other sufferers of annoying tinnitus, you would want to seek help and find relief from this problem. At the end of the day, the decision is for you to make. You can spend your $69 and try this solution, but the good news is, if you find it ineffective, the manufacturer offers money back guarantee.