My name is Joseph Demers. I was enlisted in the US army at the age of 19 and served 3 tours in the Middle East as part of the 430th Transportation Company. I cannot give much information about my time with the US Army due to some confidentiality clauses but what I can give out is that during my 3rd tour back in 2000, I found myself in an incident that resulted with me being diagnosed with tinnitus.

When I came back from my 3rd tour, I was already 36 years old and 3 years away from reaching my 20th year in the army and given the choice to retire early. Given my condition, from this point, I was only permitted to stay on base in Fort Irwin, California and do mostly paperwork. The government and army did as much as they could to get my quality of life back but they still hadn’t found something that would work for my case of tinnitus.

In 2002, I was relieved from my post to take a 2-month break to evaluate my health when I met Luther Mitchell, a former athlete and chemist who found himself with the same condition. He said he was working on a product to help his own condition and he wanted to start a company but needed to form a management team. I offered my services given my experience with operations in the army and he was more than happy to take my in.

In 2003, Luther launched Avol, a pharmaceutical company that provides groundbreaking innovations and solutions from 100% guaranteed safe and American made products, with Silence Complete, the product that helped Luther and I deal with our tinnitus. Since then Joseph has been leading a team to streamline production and maximize their efforts for distribution.