Best Tinnitus Treatment 2018

Tinnitus is often described as a benign issue in the ear but it shouldn’t be ignored or left unaddressed. The ringing, clicking, hissing, or roaring sounds heard when tinnitus trikes can affect a sufferer’s everyday life. The experience can be irritating and frustrating that it can even affect work.

Thankfully, there are solutions that can provide relief for those who have tinnitus. In many cases, simply avoiding loud sounds provides relief but there are cases when special treatment is needed. There are also instances when the management of tinnitus involves talk therapy and the use of sound generators and wearable devices that help regulate the sounds that go into the ears.

Top 7 Tinnitus Treatment Options

The following are some of the solutions for tinnitus considered by many users as effective or helpful. They don’t necessarily completely eliminate the problem but they provided the much needed relief for those who are already getting frustrated with the problem. These treatments have been chosen based on reviews from users as well as based on the perceived effectiveness of the ingredients used in them. This list, by the way, focuses on supplements or consumable products and not on gadgets or devices designed to address tinnitus.

1. Silencis Pro

Manufactured by Functional and Restorative Medicine LLC, Silencis Pro is a supplement with a distinctive approach in addressing tinnitus. It focuses on the fact (based on medical research) that tinnitus may be caused by the way the brain processes audio signals. The makers of Silencis Pro assert that their product can improve the way the brain handles sounds as they reach the ears.

Silencis Pro contains a variety of ingredients believed to be beneficial in getting rid of tinnitus that is associated with brain functions. These ingredients include extracts from hibiscus, hawthorn berry, olive leaves, garlic, green tea, buchu leaves, uva ursi and juniper berry. It also contains vitamins B3, B6, B9, B12, and C. This formula is believed to be effective in addressing instances of ringing, humming, or clicking in the ear.

2. Tinnitus 911 by PhytAge Labs

The manufacturer of Tinnitus 911 says that the main cause of tinnitus is not found in the ear canal. They are asserting that there is an underlying condition that leads to the sensations associated with tinnitus Hence, treatment should not be be based on the ear but on the parts of the brain that lead to the tinnitus symptom.

So far, a number of Tinnitus 911 users have been reporting positive results. Many online reviews of this product claim that users have experienced better sleep and reduced incidences of tinnitus while taking Tinnitus 911. This product has also addressed “brain fog” according to some users. PhytAge Labs also claims that their product can help reduce the risks of memory disorders, improve memory and hearing, and enhance focus and speed of thought.

3. Quiet Mind Plus

Quiet Mind Plus is a nootropic or a drug created to boost memory and other cognitive functions. However, its manufacturer claims that it can also be used to address tinnitus. It is an over-the-counter product designed to repair non-working brain cells and protect them from disorders.

Just like the rest of the products featured here, Quiet Mind Plus addresses tinnitus through the brain. Its maker, however, is unable to exactly explain the specific brain mechanisms targeted by the product. It appears to be similar to Silencis Pro, as it shares the same ingredients namely, hibiscus, garlic, hawthorn berry, bushu leaves, uva ursi, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, and vitamin C.

4. Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol

This is a book that offers knowledge on how to deal with tinnitus. It was written by a tinnitus sufferer who discovered the cure to his condition. It presents a life experienced based program that also incorporates information from various studies conducted over the years.

Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol is designed to be a safe and straightforward approach in treating tinnitus through short sound therapies deemed to be beneficial in “retraining” the brain to prevent it from hearing ringing, clicking, roaring, or buzzing sounds that don’t actually exist externally. To emphasize, this program is designed for a specific type of tinnitus, one that involves phantom sounds.  It is not intended for cases that are induced by loud noises or sounds in certain frequencies.

5. Silence Complete by Lloyd Greenfield

A food supplement designed to address the root cause of tinnitus, Silence Complete promises a solution to the ringing, buzzing, and clicking sounds in the ear by just taking two pills per day. It was created by Lloyd Greenfield, an ex-sufferer of tinnitus, with the help of Dr. Steven Campbell.

Silence Complete is an orally-taken product made of various ingredients, mostly natural herbs. It does not use placebo fillers, synthetic chemicals, and binders to make sure that it can be safely consumed. Still, its make claims that this natural solution is effective at addressing tinnitus. Additionally, it is claimed to have the effect of recharging the nerve pathways and facilitating recovery from brain functioning decline, memory loss, brain fog, and the inability to focus or concentrate.

6. Lipo Flavonoid

Touted as the number one doctor recommended ear health supplement, Lipo Flavonoid is a product that promises therapeutic benefits. It is purportedly the result of 50 years of clinical experience. This product is marketed as a natural bioflavonoid used for the treatment of Meniere’s syndrome and tinnitus.

The creator/seller of this product is apparently confident of its effectiveness that it is being offered with a 60-day money back guarantee. It is claimed that Lipo-Flavonoid is one of the ear ringing treatment solutions introduced from several decades ago that is still being used and recommended by ENT doctors at present.

7. Ring Ease – Life Now Naturals

Ring Ease is a herbal product formulated to resolve tinnitus and other related ear or hearing issues. This over-the-counter product targets components in the inner ear. It supposedly addresses degradations, diseases, or infections that affect this part of the auditory system brought about by free radicals and disease-causing agents.

Ring Ease is made of ginkgo biloba and garlic. It is also said to contain zinc. These natural ingredients, as presented on the market copy of the product, introduce many positive effects in the body including the alleviation of tinnitus. Ginkgo biloba and garlic are said to be helpful in getting rid of tinnitus because they lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is considered as one of the factors that give rise to tinnitus. Zinc, on the other hand, is considered a useful element in the elimination of tinnitus. A 2003 research found that zinc supplementation reduced tinnitus in 82% of patients. There are users online who claim that this product works for them.


These tinnitus treatment options are considered effective and safe. They are some of the best available options around. However, it’s important to remember that tinnitus is not itself a disease. It is only symptom that emerges to indicate the presence of an underlying condition. As such, it only makes sense making sure to get a proper check-up to determine the cause of the ear ringing or hissing, and administer the suitable treatment.

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